All About the anti-aging oxygen Facial
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Do you wish you had smooth, glowing skin like you did in your 20s? One of the reasons your skin has changed is because of the lack of oxygen. The best way to replenish that oxygen is with the Anti-Aging Oxygen Facial at Xpress Beauty Facial Bar in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.


About the Anti-Aging Oxygen Facial

Oxygen is highly important to the health and appearance of our complexion. It can clarify the skin, which can treat many conditions such as acne, uneven skin tone, and wrinkles. Oxygen also purifies clogged pores, boosts collagen production, and give the skin a warm, healthy glow.

The Facial infuses oxygen into the skin, along with plant-derived stem cells, peptides, and enzymatic botanicals. This brings back the health, feel, and look of your younger years.

The Oxygen Facial contains the following products:

  • Gel to Milk Cleanser
  • Enzymatic Facial Peel
  • Oxygenating Facial Masque 
  • Stem Cell Facial Enhancer
  • Prevention + Daily Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30

The oxygenating facial masque is the oxygen facial that many people nationwide rave about, including celebrities. At Xpress Beauty Facial Bar, we enhance the facial by adding the above products. This exfoliates, illuminates, and of course, oxygenates the face.

Everyone who gets the Anti-Aging Oxygen facial loves it. This testimonial is from just one of the many who swear by it in helping her skin look its best:

I have been using and getting products and treatments from Trish for about two years now. It has made a noticeable difference to my aging skin. Smaller pores, brighter skin, and less breakouts to almost none.

Anne Marie Lavalle – Anti-Aging Oxygen Facial

Frequently Asked Questions

During consultations, many of my clients ask me questions about this facial. To help all of my readers, I’d like to address them here.

How Often Should You Have the Oxygen Facial?

We recommend at least once a month, but some clients find the results of their facial treatment last two months, so they book their facial treatment every two months.

Does the Anti-Aging Oxygen Facial Help with Uneven Skin Tone?

Yes, actually it does help with uneven skin tone. Exfoliating the skin and the tinted moisturizer can help even out the complexion.

How Does the Facial Smooth Wrinkles?

The oxygen, moisturizer, and plant stem cell enhancer prevent the signs of aging, which includes smoothing away wrinkles. It takes dry, crippled skin and gives it the hydration it needs to relax. This smooths wrinkles for younger look skin.

Skin Types that would Benefit

All skin types benefit from the Oxygen facial. That’s the beauty of this facial treatment. We still recommend a consultation with our experienced esthetician that can help you identify what improvements can be made to your face, and which product or treatment is the best.

Contact Us in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Xpress Beauty Facial Bar offers the very best in facial treatments. We only use pharmaceutical grade products for the best results possible.

If you want to look your best with healthy skin that shows, contact us for an appointment now. You can call 561-281-0631 or click here to schedule an appointment.

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