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Have you ever wished that a simple process could make your skin like-new?  Perhaps you’ve struggled with acne, hyper-pigmentation, melasma, scarring, or any other day-to-day skin problems people face.  You’ve probably roamed the aisles at Target, looking for a product you haven’t already tried to help you along your clear-skin journey.

But, as it turns out, the answer may be in a simple procedure: a chemical peel.

In a world of creams, astringents, ointments, and even ingested antibiotics, skin products are pushed on people left and right, leaving one of the most beneficial processes out to dry.  But, before you go ahead and book your appointment with a dermatologist, it’s important to talk about the facts.

What is a chemical peel, anyway?  Well, a chemical solution is applied to the skin (face, neck, or even hands!), which then causes skin to exfoliate on its own, eventually peeling off and revealing a fresh new layer of skin.  Wild, huh? From that point, skin is already less wrinkly and much smoother than before the process began.

Smooth skin aside, the benefits of a chemical peel are many.  Some of the major benefits of a chemical peel include:

Improved Texture & Color: The exfoliation process reveals a new layer of skin, and results in more skin cell growth, increased production of hyaluronic acid, and a boost in collagen.  All of this creates smoother, younger looking skin with a vibrant complexion!

Increased Hydration: Along with this new layer comes some wonderfully hydrated skin for you to enjoy. And if you’re being more intentional with the ingredients used on your skin and your exposure to sun, you can keep it hydrated!  Because of this new layer and the previously mentioned stimulation of nutrients, skin products are better able to sink deep into the skin and keep it looking and feeling as vibrant as ever.  Think of this as starting with a blank canvas.

Improving the Look of Scars & Discoloration: This new shiny layer of skin will either reduce or get rid of surface-level scarring, and greatly reduces or reverses discoloration caused by sun damage.   Those affected by melasma (common during seasons of hormonal change, such as pregnancy) notice fantastic improvement in their discoloration when accompanied by the use of sunscreens and taking extra care with sun exposure.

Reducing or Eliminating Acne: A chemical peel using Salicylic acid penetrates deeply into the poors, unclogging and healing skin deep down.  Once the exfoliation takes place and the outermost layer peels, the acid still works to keep skin healthy and prevent further breakouts.  There are a few different chemical peels that work directly to combat acne, so it can be tailored to each individual!

Possibly one of the most impressive things about chemical peels is the fact that the solution is created based on your skin’s needs (and your desired results).  Speaking with your dermatologist will let you know exactly how to prep your skin best for the procedure, so that you can reap the benefits right out of the gate.  And with all the exposure and damage your skin faces daily, isn’t it time you show it some love and give it the best treatment out there?

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