How to Get Rid of Skin Tags Forever
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As with all organs in the body, over time our skin ages and may become damaged from sun exposure and day-to-day lifestyle choices and activities. Aging skin, despite our care for it, may begin to develop wrinkles, sunspots and age spots, broken capillaries, or skin tags – all of which may leave you feeling uncomfortable and insecure.

Skin tags may make you feel particularly self-conscious, especially if they develop where they are easily visible. Unfortunately, there is really no way to prevent skin tags from developing. They often appear with age, weight gain, or pregnancy and are common in both men and women. While they are not at all dangerous, it is likely that you have wondered whether or not they can be removed.

The answer is yes – skin tags are not something that you simply have to live with, and they can be removed with a fairly simple procedure.

Removal of Skin Tags

A skin tag may first appear as a tiny, soft bump on the skin that may grow over time. Skin tags can appear on the neck, underarms, torso, or other areas where skin folds are common. Most often, skin tags are skin colored or may be slightly darker. Unfortunately, skin tags are permanent and will not go away or lessen in size on their own.

While you can remove a skin tag surgically or by freezing, these are invasive procedures that can cause discomfort and bleeding. But, there is a noninvasive option that will remove these common superficial skin irregularities with much less discomfort. This technique is called “Perfect Touch,” a noninvasive procedure that permanently removes skin tags without surgery, cutting, or cauterization to stop bleeding as is necessary with surgical removal.

How Does Perfect Touch Work?

Perfect touch is a fairly simple process that removes skin tags, sun and age spots, and other topical skin growths and irregularities using high frequency ultrasonic technology. Perfect touch delivers an electrical current or “spark” through a probe that works by drying and dehydrating the growth at the epidermal (surface) level.

Perfect touch is not an operating tool or a surgical device, making it minimally invasive and relatively painless. The procedure allows for a much faster recovery, taking anywhere from a single day to a few weeks, depending on the type of your skin and the size of the irregularity removed.

Benefits of Perfect Touch

Because Perfect Touch is a much less aggressive option for removal of skin tags, many people prefer this method to surgical removal. The procedure is quick and comparatively painless, and it does not cause any bleeding at all. It is fast, requires only one treatment for permanent removal, and recovery time is quick and easy.

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