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Having great skin requires a diligent skincare routine, but it is not only about your cleansing and moisturizing. Getting professional help from a licensed esthetician is a big part of it, but there is more to it than that. Your skin is a reflection of what is going on inside of your body and your health will be visible on your face because of that. Here are some habits both cosmetic and otherwise of people who have beautiful skin!

  1. Regular sleep

    Your body needs rest to rejuvenate itself both inside and out, so getting regular sleep is an important part of your skincare routine. Exhaustion will dry your skin out but also deplete it of necessary nutrients and vitamins, so it can cause your skin to sag and become discolored over time.

  2. Protect from the sun

    The sun is horrendous for your skin and it can actually cause cancer if you do not properly protect against it. The rays of the sun are dangerous to the health of your skin so invest in a really good SPF to block out UV rays. Be careful if you are a person with oily skin because too strong of a protection can be too much to for your already larger pores and you could end up expanding them even more.

  3. Regular exercise

    Not only does exercise help your body function well on the inside, it helps the organ of your skin function better as well. The sweat that you feel when you work out is good to get toxins out of your system and generate blood circulation, all of which is great for the look and health of your skin.

  4. Eat less sugar

    Foods that are high in the glycemic index are terrible for your skin. This goes for actual sugars as well as carbohydrates that break down into sugars. Those sugars that you eat actually latch themselves onto the collagen in your body and make it weaker, and collagen is the exact thing that our bodies need to stay strong in order to improve the health of our skin.

  5. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

    Once you know your skin type and what type of moisturizer to use, be sure that you cleanse and moisturize daily. You cannot skip this step because you will notice over time that it can make your skin look discolored and leathery. Moisturizing daily is just as important as cleaning our your pores.

  6. Daily cleansing

    Daily cleansing of the skin is important because there are particles in the air no matter where we go. Even when we sleep at night, there are dead skin cells and dust that are making your skin dirty as the day goes on. Be sure to clean every day both in the morning and at night, but also make sure that you are treating your skin gently so that it does not lose its elasticity in the process.

  7. Eat more produce

    Just like sugar is bad for the skin, produce is good for it. Fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients and vitamins so they should be present in every meal that you eat. The more fruits and vegetables that you eat, the more you are adding vitamins E and C into your diet and healthy fats that will give your skin the glow that you want.

  8. Get regular facials!

    Try getting them once a month if your budget will allow, even if it is simply a mini facial because your skin will thank you for it. A licensed esthetician is the only one who can get all the way to the bottom of those pores and help you tighten them up when they are all cleaned out. Your regular routine is important but getting a deep pore facial will give you perfect skin.

If you want to see how flawless your skin can be then follow these steps daily and see the results! If you are looking to start getting regular express facials, then book an appointment with us today and we can get you started.

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