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Facials are great to incorporate into a regular skincare routine, but the benefits penetrate beneath the surface as well. There are actually other health improvements from getting regular facials done by a licensed esthetician.

  1. Reduces stress and anxiety

    Getting regular facials has been proven to reduce stress levels in adults because it is an opportunity to feel pampered and relaxed. Most licensed estheticians want to work on you in an environment that is relaxing and rejuvenating in itself, so the act of going regularly and feeling the detoxification process can in itself help lower stress.

  2. Promotes blood circulation

    The act of massaging, exfoliating and cleansing your face will renew the skin but it will also allow for more blood circulation to flow. It will promote the health of your face more than the act of regular cleansing at home, so your blood flow will be better the more often that you get facials!

  3. Detox the skin

    We interact with toxins all day and those toxins have to pass through the pores to get out of our bodies, so getting regular facials will help rid your pores of those toxins. If we get facials done regularly enough then we are not just cleansing our skin of dirt and grime, but also of the toxins that our bodies need to get rid of.

  4. Eliminate breakout marks

    One of the worst things about getting a breakout or having a pimple is that it often leaves a mark behind. When you get a facial, the skin is exfoliated so deeply that it will eventually get rid of those marks from acne or breakouts.

  5. Open pores

    Our pores get filled up with dirt and toxins every day, and all of that clogging the pores will only impact the health of your skin negatively. It is important to keep the pores clean but also to get a facial where you can deep clean them out and let them breathe more openly. You will feel the difference, especially when you do them regularly!

  6. Tighten skin

    As we get older, our collagen depletes and our skin gets looser. Most licensed estheticians who provide facials as a service will use products that replenish our collagen and therefore will tighten our skin. The products used by licensed estheticians will also tighten pores, which will help the tightness of our skin overall as well.

  7. Eliminate dark circles

    Whether it is from exhaustion or genetics or age, dark circles and bags under the eyes are inevitable over time and they can be hard to get rid of. The products that licensed estheticians use during a facial are such that they not only replenish the skin to tighten up the eyes but they also will lighten up the skin, eliminating those dark circles.

  8. Even skin tone

    Exposure to the elements, the use of makeup and other materials will all cause discoloration in our skin over time. Our skin was designed for natural products and, unfortunately, we are not strict enough about using only that on our faces from the age of birth. The use of regular deep facials will help us get our skin tone back to the evenness that we saw in it when we were young.

  9. Eliminate blackheads

    One of the challenges of our pores filling up with oils and toxins is that oils will oxidize on our faces once it hits the air. This is typically what causes significant blackheads on our faces, and those can be hard to eliminate on your own at home. The best thing to do is to get regular, deep pore facials so that a licensed esthetician can spend time extracting the oxidized oils from each and every pore on your face.

  10. Get expert advice!

    You may not have professional knowledge of skin products yourself. Going to a licensed esthetician for regular facials is important in the learning process of what is good for what you need and what won’t work. Ask a lot of questions when you schedule your next facial and see what new skincare products might provide solutions to the challenges your skin sees on a regular basis.
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