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There are many different types of facial procedures out there that it can be a little confusing to know what to use. Dermaplaning is a great option for people who are looking to get all of the dead skin and peach fuzz off of their faces in one appointment, so if that sounds like something you would like then let’s dig into what exactly a dermaplane facial is and why you would benefit from one.

The act of dermaplaning is basically taking a small, scraping tool and using light strokes to exfoliate the skin slowly. The strokes must be very light so as to avoid piercing the skin, but strong enough to get all of that dead skin off of your face. It almost looks like your face is being shaved by a very tiny razor and in some ways it is. The peach fuzz on our faces simply takes away from our skin’s natural glow and provides little health benefit to our faces so there is no harm in scraping it off. It also does not target hairs that take root, only the peach fuzz so it is biologically impossible for dermaplaning to contribute to the hair growing back thicker ad darker like it would in other parts of our bodies.

Dermaplaning is recommended for anyone who is about to undergo an intense but nonsurgical skincare procedure like a laser or chemical peel treatment. The removal of all of that excess skin and hair allows for better penetration during your treatment which will get you better results! It is also recommended as an alternative for people who want to get those intense treatments but can’t due to an allergy or being pregnant or some other reason. You can often achieve close to the same results with dermaplaning.

With many facial products and procedures, the full benefits take a few hours or even a day to be visible on our faces. With dermaplaning, you see the results right away and your skin will look smoother and cleaner almost immediately. The treatment will remove dirt and oils along with all of that excess skin so, if done correctly by a licensed esthetician, then you will be able to see a cleansed and rejuvenated face. The other benefit to how many excess layers of skin are removed quickly in this process is that it will help reduce the look of scars from acne or other breakouts faster than most other products or procedures.

Essentially, dermaplaning is like a peel but without the chemical solutions. It is a deeper clean, and more intense exfoliation as well as a deep rejuvenation that is difficult to compare to anything else. It will make you look and feel your best faster than most other types of facials, but be sure that you are getting it from a licensed esthetician because they care about doing their job well. You are asking someone to hold a sharp object up against your skin and that can be dangerous if you don’t know the reputation that precedes that person. If done poorly or with cheap tools then you can leave your face at risk for other irritations that you didn’t anticipate.

Dermaplaning cannot live on its own, you still have to responsible for your face the rest of the month with a good skincare routine. It will only be as effective as the canvas that you are working with when you schedule your appointment so be sure that you are treating the skin on your face well every day with a good cleanser, toner and moisturizer routine. Don’t neglect your skin and then go in for a dermaplane facial because the great results from the procedure likely won’t last. Book one with us today and see the results for yourself!

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