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We would all love to be able to get weekly facials and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the spa as often as we can. Unfortunately, that is just not the reality that most of us live, so we have to look at what is reasonable for our schedules and budgets when we consider the right number of facials for our skincare routine. Too often, we forfeit facials because we don’t have the time or think that we can’t afford it but with how many places offer quick mini facials for lower costs, most of us could actually work it out if we tried to make it a priority.

First of all, we need to look at what the actual benefit of getting regular facials is. Most people think that going once or twice a year is sufficient, and for some people it may be but not all of us are blessed with naturally flawless skin that is easy to manage. Typically speaking, most of us experience a lot of challenges against the elements every day and that can cause damage to the skin. Just as it is important to have a well-constructed daily cleansing and moisturizing routine, it is also important to get a professional cleansing from a licensed esthetician regularly to get a deeper clean and a more spectacular result.

Since the seasons change four times a year and within each season we can get a range of sun, wind, water or ice, every month presents a new challenge for our skin. Because of that ongoing change in the atmosphere, it is important to go to a licensed esthetician to get an assessment of what your skin needs help with that particular month. Our daily routines simply deal with our skin type, as in whether we are oily or dry or something in between, if we are prone to acne or blackheads, etc. A facial is like a booster for your skin and will allow you to get a deep clean and an infusion of whatever your skin is lacking at that time.

A lot of people feel that they can spend a lot of money on at-home masks or even do it themselves and make their own mask to use at home. Although these masks can be great for regular care to be used once or twice a month, they do not come anywhere near the product quality that licensed estheticians use on your skin. If you do try to implement these other treatments to be used at home, you need to be really careful to do your research on whatever the product ingredients are. Don’t try products that are too cheap either, because at-home devices or creams that are cheaply made with poor quality ingredients can do serious damage to your skin and that can be irreversible.

Going to a licensed esthetician to get your facial done once a month, even if it is a quick touch-up, will keep your pores clear and your skin glowing the way that it should be. Using professional skills and products to guard against the elements will make it so that your skin is flawless year-round and the normal challenges of winter dryness or summer sun that you usually face will not have such a visible impact on your skin! If you don’t feel that you have the time or the money to do this so regularly, try to utilize a quick express facial instead of a full one and see if that gets you to where you need to be. You can reserve the full facials for special occasions or plan to do those once or twice a year during the climate changes that you know are particularly bad for your face.

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