How to Keep Pores Clean and Tight
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Our pores are the tiny openings on the surface of our skin and they are what allow oils, toxins and sweat to leave our bodies. Some of us have naturally large pores, others are naturally small but overall we have the ability to make them better or worse with the way that we take care of our skin. For the health of our skin, it is important to keep our pores as clean and open as possible for as many hours of the day that we can and that must be done through a well-constructed skincare routine.

Most people who have naturally large pores have them because of genetics rather than a poor skincare regimen. Unfortunately, there is no way to completely reverse this but you can prevent them from stretching out further by keeping them as clean and tight as possible. Oily skin is another reason for having large pores because your pores have to stretch further to get rid of the excess oil. The last root cause for having this issue with your skin is the inevitable aging process that we all go through. The older that we get, the more our pores stretch out so it is increasingly important to keep them clean and healthy as we age.

In spite of being unable to reverse naturally large pores, you should still be diligent about a routine for skincare that keeps your pores as clean and tight as possible so that the size of your pores does not get worse. Making sure that you have a regular cleansing and exfoliating routine will keep your pores looking and feeling their best. There are also chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing or tightening treatments that will support the health and elasticity in the pores that you have.

Having small pores is great, but that also can put you at risk for blackheads or whiteheads if you do not have the proper skincare routine for your face. The unfortunate thing about small pores is that when natural oil secretes from the skin, it can oxidize the moment that it interacts with the air. Since pores are small, they are harder to clean all the way out so there is a higher likelihood of that oil oxidizing and therefore getting that black color to it. Even if it doesn’t change color, the whiteheads are equally frustrating. This is where getting deep pore facials from a licensed esthetician will be even more important to keep small pores completely clean.

Preventing all of this from happening to your face can sound like a lot of work, but if you find the right products that work for your skin type then you should be able to get through your full cleansing and moisturizing routine in the morning in less than 15 minutes. If you are dealing with large pores then try to avoid anything that has heavy oils in it, so don’t use creamy cleansers or absorbing oils in your products. If you are trying to clean out small ones then try to avoid anything acidic that will make them even smaller during the cleaning process. Try using a hot towel before cleaning to get your pores to open up more before washing them out so that you can get a deeper clean.

Other than having a regular routine that is well constructed for your face, the next best thing that you can do for your skin is to have regular facials! If you have a licensed esthetician look at your skin, they will know exactly how to help you get your skin completely clean of impurities and also know how to replenish the moisture and collagen that your skin needs to keep healthy throughout the month. Extracting blackheads can feel challenging at home, but getting a facial will get the blackheads out of all of them. Getting deep pore facials will make a lasting impact on your skin’s health.

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