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The greatest thing that you can do for your skin is to come up with a regular skincare routine that works for the needs of your face. You can’t expect a facial to help your skin look its best on its own, you have to do the work every day to keep it looking clean and healthy as well. Facials should be assisting your face in its health rather than being the sole tool for healthy skin on your face.

Finding a cleanser that works for your skin type is going to require some trial and error, but also knowledge about your skin type. This is where getting a facial first may actually be beneficial because a licensed esthetician will be able to tell you if your skin is oily, acne-prone, etc. or if your pores are abnormally large or abnormally small. There is a lot of information that can be gathered from an esthetician or dermatologist and that information could greatly improve your daily routine!

There are different types of cleansers for different skin types, like using foaming liquid if you have oily skin. If you have dry skin then you should be using a cream or lotion cleanser that will hydrate the skin while also cleaning out any impurities. If your skin is sensitive, then there are oils that have cleansing properties like argan or avocado that will act as an absorbent for the oils in your face and help you cleanse without the harsh chemicals. If you can handle mixing the oil with citrus juice, give it a try because the juice will help clean deeper and also tighten your pores. If you are extremely sensitive and worried that the oil is too heavy for your skin, then you should try micellar water instead, because it will help cleanse your skin without the added moisture of oil or the chemicals of a cleanser.

The next step in the daily routine is toner, and most people don’t use them because toners used to be heavily alcohol based and made your skin feel dry. Today’s toners are full of nutrients and formulas that will improve the health of your skin while also getting rid of any excess dirt that is left over from the cleanser that you just used. They also improve the health of your pores so that your skin can absorb the nutrients that your moisturizer will replenish your skin with.

If you are looking for the most effective toner then hyaluronic acid is going to help hydrate while also help clean and tighten pores. Alpha and beta hydroxyl acids are great as well, and are designed to remove dead skin cells from your face. If you are sensitive to the acids, then try rose water and green tea because it will reduce any redness or puffiness in the skin and is formulated to reverse inflammation. Most toners also have vitamins E and C in them to help improve the health of your skin and reduce the effects of aging.

Moisturizer is the second most important part of your routine, second only to the cleanser. Your pores absorb this last and retain it throughout the day and the night. If you are using something too oily then it will cause breakouts and clog up your pores, but if you are using something ineffective then your pores will dry out and become unhealthy anyway. Knowing your face is important but knowing your product is more important. Many store bought brands will advertise the good ingredients but bury the bad ingredients in a long list of things that you can’t understand without a background in science.

When shopping for a moisturizer, remember that the fewer ingredients, the better. Try to look for natural items that use things like jojoba oil or coconut oil. Look for ingredients that will not only compliment your skin type but that will last throughout the entire day without reapplying it. Once you find the best products for your face and skin type, you will have crafted a daily skincare routine for in between your regular facials!

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