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There is so much information out there about skincare products and it is hard to know what is worth spending the money on. There are some products that are going to be worth the investment, and others that are nice to have if you have the money to spend, while not necessarily being a requirement for achieving beautiful skin. This is the breakdown of what you should buy and what you should only buy when you can as well as what is going to be a major waste of money.

  1. The Daily Products

    You need a good cleanser and moisturizer for your face every morning and every night. Whether or not you need toner depends on your skin type, but you can get by with a mixture of water or oil and apple cider vinegar if you want to spend your money elsewhere. Keep in mind that the mixture will lighten your face over time so do not use too much vinegar in your solution. The cleanser and moisturizer are crucial to the health of your skin and they will be on your face twice a day, so spending the extra money on skincare products that work is extremely important. In fact, cleansers work better than makeup removers, so you can invest in the face wash with the money you save by eliminating the wipes.

  2. Topical Collagen and Stretch Mark Cream

    Do not waste your money on these! You can get all of the collagen that you need from a healthy diet and a really good moisturizer, so there is no reason to spend money on these. Most of the brands that sell this charge you a lot to get something that is full of wax and other chemicals that will dry out your skin. Given that our skin already has a lot of the same proteins, it is difficult for our skin to absorb products like this. The wax gives the illusion that your skin is suddenly soft and glowing when you are done using the product but the reality is that the illusion will quickly fade. Stretch mark creams are equally deceiving in that any amount of moisture on the skin will reduce the look but it won’t get rid of them all together. The only way to do that is to get under the surface at a dermatologist’s office to reach the dermis layer of skin. You simply cannot achieve that with topical creams, no matter what you spend.

  3. Dermatological Tools

    If you have the money for the types of heavy-duty tools that you would see in the spa when getting a facial then by all means, buy them. Just make sure that you know how to use it properly because you can end up damaging your face quite a bit if you don’t. Most of us do not have the money for something like that, and if your budget is tight then you should redirect that investment to getting regular facials with a licensed esthetician. There are tools online that seem like they will do the same thing for less money but without spending the money on professional-grade tools you will be disappointed in the results and potentially damaging your skin instead of helping it.

It is wise to invest in skincare, but only skincare that will make your skin healthier. Looking good is not always the same as feeling good or being healthy, but with our skin it really is the same! Stop wasting money on things that will only make your skin look good for now and spend more money on the things that will make your skin look flawless for years to come.

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